OTIWA policies for respecting your privacy.

1. OTIWA does not have access to any information that is provided during an online purchase about customers' finances, bank accounts or credit/debit cards. The only information OTIWA receives from the payment processor about a transaction is:
  • the inventory number(s) of item(s) purchased
  • total amount paid
  • the name and address to use for shipping.
  • email address of person who purchased the item(s)

2. If you got to OTIWA's site by selecting an ad you saw on social media or other website, a "cookie" was placed on your device. The originating site uses this "cookie" to let OTIWA know how an ad is performing.

3. OTIWA does not and will not sell or share customer information with any other individual, group or organization.

4. OTIWA does not and will not send unsolicited email to site visitors or customers.

    Unless you specifically request periodic updates from OTIWA (such as by subscribing to events notices and/or by subscribing to OTIWA's blog), you will get email from OTIWA only until the refund/return period has expired for your purchases. Both of these subscription services allow you to cancel your subscription, and OTIWA respects that decision.

    If you have not recently purchased anything from OTIWA, and/or have not subscribed to Events notices or OTIWA's blog, any email you receive that references OTIWA in any way cannot have originated from OTIWA (see #2 & #3 above), and constitutes misappropriation and misrepresentation of OTIWA's name, services and products.